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Petal Wall Clock (Large)
(Reference: xc003custom)

Petal Wall Clock (Large)
Petal Wall Clock (Large)
Petal Wall Clock (Large)

Our large decorative wall clock can be customized with your pictures and tex. It's perfectly suited for home, office, brands, gift or party souvenir.

It has the power to express your uniqueness while showing precise time every day. 
It looks great everywhere! Our clients use them from cozy houses to modern looking apartments and fashionable offices. 

This clock is made of engineered wood and it's ready to hang, no assembly required. 
Just take out of box, insert AA battery(not included) in it and everything is done.

Size without packaging:
Thickness: 8 - 10mm
Width: 570 - 600mm
Height: 580 - 750mm