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Peachy Mid Century Center Table
(Reference: fx088)

Peachy Mid Century Center Table
Peachy Mid Century Center Table
Peachy Mid Century Center Table

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: The center table is built for a lifetime of enjoyment. The thick tops are supported by tapered wooden legs which are finished in a gorgeous clear lacquer. This is a table set that you will love in your living room for years to come

RETRO CHIC, MINIMALIST DESIGN: The sleek airy design provides a clean, uncluttered vibe in your home. It has an instantly recognizable Mid-century attitude with its vintage inspired oval shape. 

VERSATILITY: This table set is very easy to move and re-arrange, adapting perfectly to your lifestyle. In addition to being a dazzling focal point in your parlor, you can effortlessly pull one of the tables towards you to enjoy dinner, a cocktail or work on your laptop. Perfect for a small living room space and performs well in an office too.

Width: 120cm.  Length: 65cm